Preschool Curriculum

Through the use of themes and engaging activities, each child will develop at his/her own pace. For some children this may be a natural progression, for others the skills may take additional time and practice. At JumpStart, language, literacy and communication skills are embedded into all of a child’s daily experiences. The following areas are covered in JumpStart’s curriculum.

Personal and Social Responsibility

Children will have opportunities to learn to work and play both independently and with others, make friends, learn about feelings, follow directions, wait his/her turn and be responsible. They will also learn about classroom rules and how to care for toys/materials. Children will be encouraged to express ideas, develop vocabulary and communicate feelings and emotions.

Writing Skills

Children will learn how to print first names and have exposure to proper letter formation and directionality. Expressing ideas through pictures and writing will be modelled. By the end of the year some children may be able to spell some high frequency words (i.e. the, play) or short vowel words (i.e. cat, red).

Math Skills

Introductory math concepts will include counting, using one-to-one correspondence to count 10 or more objects, number recognition, classifying objects according to attribute, identifying and naming basic shapes. These skills will be explored through creative and meaningful activities.

Fine/Gross Motor Skills

Fine motor skill areas that are emphasized include copying simple shapes, using paintbrushes, cutting with safety scissors, assembling puzzles, coloring and drawing pictures. Gross motor skill areas include running, jumping, catching, bouncing, throwing a ball, and exhibiting stamina during physical activity.

Creative Expression

Children will express themselves through music, drama and art activities by engaging in action songs, art activities, and telling stories using props and their imagination.

Reading Readiness

Letter names and sounds will be introduced and explored. Children will listen to various types of literature, re-tell and re-enact stories, read, sing and recite songs/poems. The children will also look at pictures and verbally create stories using details. Balanced Literacy, Jolly Phonics, and Alphabet Action programs will be used in the classroom. By the end of the school year, each child may be able to identify his/her name in print, as well as names of classmates, and identify many upper and lowercase letters, especially as they pertain to children’s names. Some children may also be able to sound out short vowel words and read high frequency words (i.e. the, and, to)

Celebrations/Cultural Diversity

Birthdays are a very special celebration for young students and we will set aside some class time to celebrate with each student on their special day. We also embrace diversity and believe it is important for students to be aware of similarities and differences between families. To support this we will celebrate holidays throughout the year (i.e. Chinese New Year, Diwali, Christmas).

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